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Silver Snowflake Pearl Necklace

Silver Snowflake Pearl Necklace

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Handmade in Dakar, Senegal by a local atelier, the pendant on each of our 15 Chained Pearl Necklaces is unique. Using ethically sourced .925 sterling silver, each of the 26 pearls are chain linked together.

This piece serves to represent a *foreign resource through putting attention on finite resources such as pearls and silver. Without ethical manufacturing and sourcing practices, such resources will one day be out of reach and hence *foreign to human population. Made abroad using natural resources such as sterling silver and freshwater natural colored pearls, this necklace represents a true *Foreign Resource.


- 26 natural colored 10mm pearls 

- .925 plated sterling silver

- Logo spray painted jewelry box 

- Senegalese cotton/polyester fabric jewelry bag 



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