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A Year in Reflection

2022 was a huge year for us thanks to your support. We held a pop-up in Amsterdam, released a ton of pieces, and brought on new people to the team.

We did a lot of things right. We finally figured out a release schedule and dropped products on a regular cadence. We learned to embrace the community and focused a lot on engagement with our fans. We even threw a pop-up in Amsterdam with another brand. How cool is that?

But we also messed up in a lot of other things. It's tough for us to figure out marketing when we're such a small brand. We know if our pieces get out there, we can blow up, but that's the hard part. Getting our work out there. And although we've honed in on our core vision, it's still not obvious to the regular person.

We want to be the first streetwear brand to represent nomads. People who don't belong to a country, because they've traveled and relocated so much. The world is trending to become more borderless, and we want to represent that rich culture.

Next year, expect even bigger things.