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Creator Program

If you resonate with the Foreign Resource brand, you should collaborate with us!

Our Roles

We offer 3 distinct roles with different set of responsibilities.

UGC Creator

If you have a great sense of style and want a low commitment collaboration, this is for you!

You'll take an aesthetic fitpic with our product on and get the product for free. No post necessary!

Influencer Creator

If you believe you have a following that matches the Foreign Resource audience, this one is for you.

You'll get an affliate link that tracks any purchases from your audience. You'll receive a % commision for each sale.

Screen Creator

If you're a natural under the camera and you know how to get an audience's attention, this one is for you.

You will act as a model/actor and record short form video content based on an assigned creative brief. You'll be paid hourly, which can transition into a monthly retainer based on performance.

Apply Here

Please note which role(s) you are interested in within the creator program.

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